Sumi Singh-Personal Trainer In Austin,TX

I’m Sumi, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, the author of Stay at Home Strong, a diet coach, and a mother. In my own experience, I’ve learned how to get in the leanest, fittest shape possible post-baby, and made the time to dedicate to my own body, while still juggling several  jobs, and being a full-time mom.  In fact, I’m in better shape NOW than I was before having my daughter! How did I do it? With gradual, lifestyle changes.  And you can too.

Sumi-AlexandriaVA-2010-65-300x200Others may tell you that you can obtain a beach body in 30 days, but I’m here to tell you that pursuing the body you desire is not a 4 week endeavor.  Rather, it’s a lifetime pursuit.   Fitness is constantly evolving and it is a journey.  By committing to you,  I will put you on the path to your own success story.

I offer private and personalized training programs, self guided training videos, corporate wellness programs, nutrition consultations, yoga and dance classes, online support, training for student athletes, and strength training for runners, bikers, tennis players, moms, seniors, and anyone looking to get stronger.  You can review the video below, testimonials, or the many client success stories and transformations I’ve had the pleasure of being part of.

No matter what your goal is, there are no quick fixes if you want to get in shape for a big event, lose a couple of pounds, get “toned,” build muscle, lose weight, gain strength, etc.;  a certain dedication to your diet and training is needed to build the body you desire. With every step, no matter how small, I can help you embrace living a healthier, fitter lifestyle, and guide you in achieving your fitness goals.

I am passionate about fitness and I can help you reach your goal and change your life.


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